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*****Now offering Microblading!*****

Microblading is a method of semi-permanent make-up, done by inserting pigment into the top layers of the skin to create fullness and shape for eyebrows. The results of microblading will last up to 12-18 months, and will require touch-up appointments. This method is non-invasive, and produces the most natural results in permanent makeup. When the pigment fades, it leaves the area exactly as it was before the procedure.  Contact us today to set up your consultation with Stephanie!

For more information on the procedure, visit the Softap website here.


**Now offering Perk!  Cleanse with Benefits**

Perk provides you with in-office exfoliation with take home products to extend the benefits daily.  Over time, layers of dead skin, dirt and oils build up on the surface of your skin.  As a result, this barrier blocks pores, preventing product nutrients from being absorbed into your skin.  Since your skin goes through its shedding process every 28 days, a deep cleanse is needed every month.  

The Perk Face Service exfoliates and nourishes with antioxidants for a gorgeous glow.

The Perk Lip Service lightly plumps and locks in moisture to reveal a perfect pout!

The Perk Eye Service brightens and awakens the delicate eye area.

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There are only a limited number of salons in New York carrying this exclusive brand, whose line includes shampoo, styling clay, paste and pomade.

Scents such as tobacco, vanilla and honey make these products irresistible!

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adagiospa offers spa services from licensed specialist

Yvette Remington, Aesthetician
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